Wind Technik Nord GmbH
Entwicklung, Herstellung und Direktverkauf  von Windkraftanlagen seit 1986



The wind power plant WTN 600 is a pitch-controlled turbine with completely variable speed for operation parallel to the public grid. The rated output of the plant is 600 kilowatt; the rotor diameter is 48 meters. The rotor has three blades and is arranged in upwind position of the tower. Yawing into the wind is achieved by two electrically driven yaw systems. You can choose between a 40m or 50m tubular or a 65m lattice tower.

The primary brake and safety system is the independent pitch of each rotor blade. Each blade is driven by help of a gear-motor-unit to the desired pitch position. At all stops the rotor blades are pitched independently into brake position.

The WTN 600 operates with variable speed. The rated power of both asynchronous generators comes to 330 kilowatts each. Two frequency converters are installed to feed the electrical power to the grid.

Nominal output:

600 kW

Hub height:

40 m, 50 m tubular tower and 65 m lattice tower

Cut in windspeed:

3 m/s

Rated windspeed:

12 m/s

Cut out windspeed:

25 m/s

Effect limitation:


Rotor diameter:

48 m