Wind Technik Nord GmbH
Entwicklung, Herstellung und Direktverkauf  von Windkraftanlagen seit 1986


The ladder or stair with its fall prevention systems is combined with a constant-tension winch to get an intermediate device between a ladder and an elevator. The ladder and its safety system take care of the person and give the possibility for climbing as before. 

The constant-tension winch combined with the safety belt take over a part of the persons weight and serves as a relief during the accent (500N traction are about 50 kg weight-relief). If the climbing person wants to stay, he just has to stop climbing. He can stay so at any point of the ladder as long as necessary. The constant-tension winch still holds the traction, but no more rope will be tightened or released. 

Additional to the use as Climbing aid for people, the constant-tension winch is now also usable for transportation of small loads. For this purpose a suitable transport box is connected to the free guide, and right away the transportation of tackles and tools can start. The transportation is possible in both directions (up and down).

On the descent of persons, the climbing aid is not used, since it is not necessary.

The Climbing support LW50 installed at a safety ladder with fall protection.