Wind Technik Nord GmbH
Entwicklung, Herstellung und Direktverkauf  von Windkraftanlagen seit 1986

Renewable energy since 1986

The Company was founded in 1986 and our main business is the development, production and sale of wind energy converters, as well as license giving of our own products. 

Our strong growing non-productive department offers accessories - like our climbing support as well as assemblies, services and training. 

In Enge-Sande in Nordfriesland, not far from the Danish border, the head office of Wind Technik Nord is situated. We are a medium-sized company with high motivated, dedicated and competent engineers and technicians. 

Beside the building of an antique wind mill, there are on an area of about 2.000 m² modern offices and workshops for the electrical and mechanical production as well as an advanced assembly hall as production shop for our wind turbines. 


Development of wind turbines


At the beginning the production of wind driven diaphragm pumps for water pumping was the main business. These water pumps convince through simple construction, low costs and longevity together with low maintenance. Today they are still in our delivery program.

In the year 1989 a cooperation began with a Danish manufacturer of wind energy converter, whose 200 kW plant with a rotor diameter of 24 meters was further developed by Wind Technik Nord GmbH and received as WTN 200/26 the German Type Certification from Germanischer Lloyd. Many of these robust and reliable wind turbines are running in Germany.

WTN is still offering the WTN 200/26 as a refurbished turbine. As we have maintained these turbines for many years, we know their current status very well. Therefore, we have no objections to repurchase them. Some parts are overhauled, some are brand new, e.g. the electrical system, foundation parts, the tower and all wear parts are exchanged to new components.

A new development, especially designed for the export market, is the WTN 250. With its design features this machine meets the high requirements regarding environmental conditions in countries outside of Europe and guarantees with the approved technology a high availability.

Another big step regarding modern wind turbine design is the WTN 600. This 600 kW machine with 46m or 48m rotor diameter includes all today's known state of the art attributes for increasing the total efficiency of the machine. Beside the variable speed and pitch regulation there is most of all the improved inverter equipment. This allows a versatile application for the different requirements. 

Beside the existing stock of technology, Wind Technik Nord GmbH is also able to offer new developments in other sizes on license basis or as a joint venture. Our experience with licensees, e.g. in India, are a strong basis for a successful cooperation.

We sell new modern turbines but we can also offer used WTG, e.g. the WTN 200/26.


Certified company 

The quality of our products is very important! 
Our processes regularly reviewed by the DNV-GL we are DIN ISO 9001: 2015 certified.



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