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As a further development of our proven WTN250, there is now variable speed control via a full converter. This allows compliance with all network guidelines and makes the WTN250i even more versatile!

Important mechanical features of this robust, stall-controlled wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 29m and a rated output of 250kW are maintained. Thus, the WTN250i continues to be designed for class II A according to IEC 61400-1 in order to be able to cope even with demanding locations.

Due to the aerodynamic stall of the rotor blades starting from a certain ratio between wind speed and speed, a power limitation is used, the WTN250i can now be used by their speed variability for power control, as they are f. e. necessary for the German grid code. This makes the WTN250i especially interesting for operators with high self-consumption.

Ultimately, the WTN250i can now be deployed as stand-alone system in island grids worldwide - as well as in combination with other energy sources and storage systems - thus further reducing the dependency on diesel generators.



Normal output:

250 kW

Hub height:

30 m - 50 m

Cut in windspeed:

3 m/s

Rated windspeed:

14 m/s

Cut off windspeed:

25 m/s

Effect limitation:

Speed control / Stall